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When I was first asked to play bass with Keane it was for a War Child show at Brixton Academy. I told Adam, their manager, “sure I can play bass! Yes of course I own a bass and an amp!” I then immediately phone someone who really did play the bass and asked if I could borrow their gear. The blag got a lot more frightening when I walked out on stage and started the into to Under Pressure. Somehow I got away with it. Suckers! (I still can’t play it properly after six years!)
Jesse Quin (From the Best of Keane book)

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A packed Wembley Stadium, a whole list of great bands, old and new. It was quite a day to be a part of! That said, I’m not sure it made much of a difference for the state of the planet… Everyone kept asking us how rock stars could justify swanning around in private jets! Ricky Gervais was next to us in the queue for press - he couldn’t keep it serious - he kept saying “ask Keane if you want a serious answer” ! As if …
Tom Chaplin about the Live Earth 2007 (The Best of)

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We’d recently realized our dream of becoming a signed band but the real magic was just beginning. Our first visit to Toronto, supporting our heroes Travis. I remember sounchecking Everybody’s Changing in the most huge auditorium I’d ever seen. It was empty, except for one man sitting in the mass of seats in front of us - Fran Healy. He started singing along. How did he know the words? How the hell had this happened? Life would never be the same…
Tom Chaplin (The Best Of )

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