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BE: And this one was actually gonna be my final one, anyway: could you be any more sick of the lazy comparisons to Coldplay?

RH: (Takes a deep breath) Ah, it’s just nice having another record out. Hopes and Fears was one part of Keane, and this new record is showing another side to us. I dunno, it’s always inevitable. I have a copy of an old magazine called Vox, the monthly NME thing, and the cover of it says, “Radiohead: The New U2?” Y’know? So fuck comparisons.

Richard Hughes (X)

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A lot of Hopes and Fears was written late at night after a glass of wine; he just sat in his house next to a piano, banging away, half-drunk, and coming up with a riff or whatever, without the pressure.
Richard Hughes about Tim (X)

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When I was first asked to play bass with Keane it was for a War Child show at Brixton Academy. I told Adam, their manager, “sure I can play bass! Yes of course I own a bass and an amp!” I then immediately phone someone who really did play the bass and asked if I could borrow their gear. The blag got a lot more frightening when I walked out on stage and started the into to Under Pressure. Somehow I got away with it. Suckers! (I still can’t play it properly after six years!)
Jesse Quin (From the Best of Keane book)

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